Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. // John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars

Do you remember the last time you read something so profoundly life-changing that you couldn’t wait to tell all your friends about it? Maybe you found a kindred spirit in a character, gained a new perspective on the world, or simply fell in love with the people and the places you were introduced to. Each member of the Love Good team has several books like this, and we decided it’s about time we share them with you. To kick things off, we’re sharing a list from Cameron Clutter, one of our apprentices.

He “lives and breathes” in the world of medieval fantasy (and offers a few outside-the-genre recommendations towards the end). Check it out.


Lord of the Rings captivated my little 8th grade self, and again captivated me as a junior in high school. Tolkein’s world is rich with characters that I related to in so many ways, and took me on their trip with them. Highly recommended.


Narnia was my second fantasy series and only deepened my love for the genre. I need to read it again because I feel like one can’t ever get everything out of it.


My first fantasy series and an easy read, but the ease doesn’t take away from the story. This series sparked my love for the fantasy genre and for characters with deep backstories who have hard challenges to overcome.

SHANNARA SERIES (includes 30+ books) // Terry Brooks

Either this one or Lord of the Rings would be my top favorite of all time. The Shannara series’ spoke to every part of me through their characters, challenges, struggles, joys, battles, and just the depth and passion for writing Brooks’ writing. These books defined my high school years and were often the beautiful escape from worldly challenges and struggles. (I could talk all day about these!)

INHERITANCE SERIES // Christopher Paolini

I read these books in a month altogether. One of the few book series I simply couldn’t put down.

THE CAY  // Theodore Taylor

This book made me laugh and also made me cry when I read it at eight years old. It definitely has a special place on my book shelf.

DO HARD THINGS // Alex and Brett Harris

One of those life-changing, mind-altering, well-written challenges of a book. It inspired me every morning, and it helps me to achieve goals in my life by doing hard thing well instead of just doing the bare minimum.

WILD AT HEART  // John Eldridge

Another life-changing book, but this one is all about the heart of a man. This one really spoke to my heart and helped me to more clearly see myself as God created me.

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