I’m going to make this easy (and brief) because I’m waking up early tomorrow to ski the Pyrenees Mountains. Yup, it’s going to be awesome.

I’m a huge music fan. Always have been. But my tastes are constantly evolving (and expanding). I used to listen to nothing but oldies and classic rock as a kid, really got into Christian music in high school, then moved to Nashville where I fell in love with singer/songwriters and country stars. Now, I listen to just about anything that satisfies the Love Good Standard. Here are a few of my current recommendations based on the albums I have on repeat right now. For starters, if you’re not already enjoying the latest from Moon Taxi, U2, The Oh Hellos, and Chris Stapleton, you should be. It’s their best stuff yet.





I recently stumbled across new music from The Collection (via Kevin Heider), The SteelDrivers (via Janaya Trudel), and Drew & Ellie Holcomb (via Jessamyn Anderson) and have not been disappointed. It should be obvious to me by now, but my artist friends always make the best recommendations.





I sat next to The George Twins on a flight home from Boston last week. They are the real deal and as humble as I’ll get out. Just a few days ago with friends and patrons in England, I heard “Leave A Light On” by Tom Walker and was left in a state of awe. I haven’t listened to the rest of his music yet, but this song is the Love Good Standard on steroids. Finally, did my childhood hero Michael W. Smith just release an EDM record? I’ll let you decide.





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What are you listening to right now? Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram with your personal recommendations.

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