Sometimes joy is gritty. It can coexist with sorrow and is meant to be experienced in community: it is within the nuance of shared experience that deep friendship is born – and good music is made.

The women of Sister Sinjin – Kaitlyn Ferry, Elise Erickson Barrett, and Elizabeth Duffy – know this full-well. Amongst the three Indianapolis, IN women they have twelve children. One has lost a spouse to cancer; another has experienced a sudden change of life (and career) due to injury. All of them share a buoyant joy that allows them to navigate the grit and grief of life with humor and honesty. And luckily for us at Love Good, they’ve been gifted with the ability to musically express the kind of beauty that will heal our world: this beauty being nothing other than the love that shares the pain. It is an honor to be exclusive pre-release partners with Sister Sinjin and to share their latest album Daughter of Jerusalem with our patrons as part of our summer shipment next week.

Gospel, folk, blues, chant, and even hints of Appalachia feature in this album. Specifically, the influence of M. Ward, Sufjan Stevens, the Avett Brothers, Laura Marling and traditional Gregorian prayer-chant are heard and felt as the songs unfold at an intentional pace. Themes of grief, healing, resurrection, belonging, womanhood, and abundance permeate the image-rich album. There is a prismatic clarity to the whole work that begs the listener to reassess whatever pains they’ve allowed to ossify into shades of black-and-white: the enduring message sung forth by Sister Sinjin is that of the salvageability of the human heart.

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