Anyone remember creating playlists on iTunes, burning mix CDs, and playing them in your car? And then (after you’d broken the album in for yourself and found it to be truly jam-worthy) you’d make copies for friends and mail them out through the summer months. Few things, to this day, make the Love Good team happier than listening to music recommended by friends and sharing music we love with others. So you can imagine the joy we took in creating this summer mixtape, which features songs we either majorly LOVE and/or songs that we felt helped create an evenly mixed sonic palette.

While you won’t find polka music on here, we did try to cover a varied range of genres, in the hopes that everyone would find something they love. Check out these brief descriptions of each tune and then take the plunge and download them for yourself!

  1. There For You – LEVV. This song makes a strong opener because it has an incredibly catchy, tropical-house beat that instantaneously makes the shoulders jump. It’s a solidly electronica/alt-pop tune, with simple lyrics and a spacey, sparkling refrain that allows you to catch your breath and regain some energy before you go all gangnam style again through the verses. A dramatic drum-build creates interesting texture and tension. Audrey Assad’s distinctive vocals cut through with as much clarity as ever: “I wanna be there for you…there for you.” Simple, beautiful, and strong.
  2. Natalie – Sean McVerry. Not only is this song lyrically beguiling (it’s a plea for vulnerability and honesty in relationship), but it’s also melodically brilliant and very thoughtfully produced. Did we mention the guitar lick is sick? McVerry’s vocal range is expansive, and you’ll hear how effortlessly he goes from an articulate chest-voice to a powerful higher register within one breath. Oh, and – he sounds exactly like this live, and loops an electric piano while also finger-snapping and layering vocals. A genuinely talented individual, all of his music is worth checking out.
  3. Olivia – Lowland Hum. There’s a sun-soaked playfulness to the song Olivia by husband-and-wife duo Lowland Hum. Open strums, tastefully placed hand percussion, and romantically blended harmonies make up the textures and tones of the tune, and image-heavy lyrics make it distinctive. “Get your body in the water,” they say. A fine idea, we think.
  4. Heaven Knows – The Hunts. We were happy to include this song by The Hunts in light of the fact that they were one of the featured artists in our June package to patrons! This song comes from the album Darlin’ Oh Darlin’, and it epitomizes the folk-rock-anthem-song we call came to love in the wake of Mumford and Sons. Seemed a fitting placement for a summer mix.
  5. What Bendrix Read – Alanna Boudreau. Inspired by Graham Greene’s novel “The End of the Affair,” this song has interesting lyrics combined with colorful sonic layers. A rhythmic bass-line, progressively building percussion, and Paul Simon-esque electric guitar present a tone that savors of yellow, red, and orange hues.
  6. Song of Ascents – Sister Sinjin. Taut, staccato, and simple, this song offers a respite from the more textured songs on the mix. A counter-melody weaves its way in toward the conclusion of the song, and harmonious poignancy of the three women who compose Sister Sinjin builds right up to the final note.
  7. All My Bones – Hope & Justin (feat. Perry West). Anyone who grew up a fan of Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Otis Redding, and the like will likely still be drawn to music that emulates that tradition: Hope and Justin fit that bill. This song has a vintage quality, both in tone and lyrical approach, that conjures up images of a road-trip down a desolate (albeit beautiful) stretch of California desert. Featured vocalist Perry West brings the ache of the song to life with his deep, modular voice; Hope and Justin provide harmony to round out the sound.
  8. Time is a Healer – Lydia Cole. This song manages to strike the balance between pensive and buoyant. New Zealander Lydia Cole has a knack for writing melancholy songs that are shot through with something akin to childlike joy and hopefulness. Her writing is exquisite in its starkness, and marries seamlessly with carefully arranged electronica.
  9. Hey New Wine! – Strahan. As the summer mix comes to its close, we pull back a bit on BPM and settle in to this more reflective song by Strahan. Acoustic guitar, harmonica, and minimal percussion underpin beautifully penned lyrics that are worshipful and sincere. This is a song that’s ultimately about celebration and belonging.
  10. Two to One – Marie Miller. What would a mixtape be without a warm, heart-felt pop song? “Two to One” is just that. Marie Miller’s powerful voice is the spine of the song, revealing production prowess and thoughtful audio-engineering that have allowed for her natural gift to shine – as it should. The theme of hopeful new love doesn’t wear thin, and it finds bubbly expression here.
  11. Fount of Love – Jimmy Mitchell. A piano-driven anthem inspired by Jimmy Mitchell’s Celtic roots and deep love for family and faith. With string-quartet accompaniment, this song makes an ideal conclusion to the summer mix as it touches on elation and reflection, and inspires a sense of gratitude.

Now’s your chance to download the free mixtape before anyone else. It’s only available for a limited time, so share the link with your family and friends while you can. Happy listening!