It’s no secret that we’re fans of Music City here at Love Good. We’re proud to call Nashville home, and eager to share our love of this town with everyone who comes across our movement. Without further ado, here are some words from our featured artists regarding why they love Nashville! 

“Nashville is like Disney World for songwriters!” …One of the first things I heard when I was considering a trip to Music City to meet a producer named Jacob Schrodt. After releasing two albums here, it’s now where I call home because of the warm personalities I’ve met since my move in 2015. I left the beautiful state of Colorado, which I miss, but Nashville offers friendships, true community and unmatched opportunities for creativity (such as Love Good). I feel supported and also motivated to improve myself as a musician, to keep writing, recording and playing songs live.

Michelle Mandico

Before moving to Nashville, we worked in Los Angeles in the music industry for 5 years. The difference was night and day. We love our lives as full-time musicians in Nashville! It’s a vibrant, creative community of artists with plenty of resources for musicians and creators alike. We love how it is an environment that values family and community as well as career and artistry. You can have a relaxed, small town vibe while being surrounded by extremely talented artists and musicians–a rare and magical combination.


There’s something different about Nashville. I’ve travelled all around the world, and as a singer/songwriter it’s like I found my home, my people, my community. You plug into an energy and life source that just doesn’t seem to exist other places: or at least, not to the same degree as it does here. Nashville captured my heart very early on

Colm Kirwan

The contagious warmth of Nashville made it’s way into my heart the moment I put feet on the ground here. There’s an unmatched charm in this small town trapped in a big city, and everyone extends equal doses of encouragement, collaboration, camaraderie and honesty in the creative community. I can’t imagine doing music or life anywhere else.

Rebecca Roubion

Nashville is a cosmopolitan city with southern hospitality. It’s big enough that there’s always something cool going on, but it still has the small town southern feel. The saturation of creativity really encourages you to grow in your art and to learn from others. There is a great spirit of collaboration.

Kevin McGoldrick

This city felt like home the day I moved here. After experiencing deep loneliness and isolation while working as an artist in New York City, I was overwhelmed by a sense of genuine community in Nashville. Artists here are not only committed to their craft, but they support other artists in their unique pursuits without viewing people as competition. I love how collaborative this music community is.

Jessamyn Anderson

Nashville allows us to belong to a community that understands and supports us in a way that other communities just can’t. In short, we don’t feel like misfits here.

Jenny and Tyler