I cannot believe that season two of the Love Good podcast has officially launched. In some ways, it still feels like a dream. Every week, I sit down with artists and thought leaders to discuss media, culture, and the “art” of being human. Since we launched the podcast a year ago, I’ve had the crazy privilege of interviewing American Idol finalists, bestselling authors, and YouTube superstars. We inevitably chat through an array of topics that never cease to stretch my heart and make me roar with laughter. I’ll never forget my conversation with Luke Smallbone (of For King & Country) about suffering and family. I’ll never forget talking about poetry and silence with Katherine Cimorelli. I’ll certainly never forget sitting down with personal heroes like Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, and Drew Holcomb to hear their analysis of western society and how we can each do our part as culture makers.

But beyond any of the privileged moments I’ve shared with our guests (or the joy of watching them walk out of our studio with Love Good merchandise in their hands), it’s the impact our podcast has on our listeners that inspires me the most. Here are a few examples of recent feedback:

I’m blown away by this podcast. My “heart is burning within me” as they say, and it makes me want to go out and be a better person. 🎧 I’ve always been surrounded by artists who try to force divisiveness into anything they make. It brings a darkness to this world that we just don’t need, and I’m so glad Love Good has put something forth to combat that. This podcast is fantastic, genuine, and positive. It’s so refreshing to find something that actually feeds my soul and empowers me rather than just showing me the next thing to hate. This is definitely a worthwhile listen. 🎧 The Love Good movement is profoundly responding to the deep longing in our culture for beauty, goodness, and truth. This podcast fits flawlessly within that mission. It is beautifully produced, thoughtfully planned, and a real pleasure to listen to. Thank you, Love Good, for being a part of what fills the longing of my heart for the good and beautiful and true. I can’t wait to see how this movement changes our world. 🎧 If you love beauty and strive for authenticity in music and media, this podcast is a must. Beautiful, searching conversations with artists who are living this reality. Recover your optimism. Love Good!

With thousands of regular listeners from every continent on planet earth (I literally just checked that stat and can hardly believe it myself), it’s easy to forget how deeply transformative the podcast has been for our listeners. It helps elevate their conversation in day-to-day life. It introduces them to artists that inspire authenticity and joy. It gives them hope for the future. The same is true for me. So often, I settle for shallow conversations and relationships and forget that I’m made for so much more. If nothing else, our podcast has helped raise my standard for what it means to be in relationship with others and how to share life intentionally.

With Ellie Holcomb kicking off the inaugural episode of season two and Alanna Boudreau coming on as our biweekly co-host after that, I could not be more excited for all that’s in store. Send me a direct message on Twitter or Instagram with all your requests for the new season, such as topics you’d like us to address or guests you’d like us to interview.

I hope it goes without saying, this show is for you.


So are we. Love Good is a community of artists, patrons, and culture makers who believe in the power of beauty to change the world. Subscribe to our podcast today and start enjoying our weekly conversations that will raise your standard for media and inspire you to build a better culture.

We can’t wait to accompany you as you change the world.

Jimmy Mitchell
Jimmy Mitchell


Believing deeply in the power of beauty to change the world, Jimmy’s gifts of storytelling and piano-playing bring him to every corner of the world. From summer camps and corporate retreats to large-scale conferences, his greatest joy is helping others fall in love with God. He’s the host of Love Good’s popular weekly podcast, composer of film scores for countless movies that don’t exist, and a huge fan of old books. Whether he’s on stage at a youth conference in New Zealand or interviewing a GRAMMY award-winning artist in his studio, Jimmy loves nothing more than encountering the beauty of God's love in the hearts of young people and artists.