In this episode of the Love Good podcast, Jimmy and Alanna sit down to discuss a range of topics. You’ll get a taste of their decidedly different – but complementary – ways of discussing life as they touch on common threads that run through different regions of the States (as well as the vast differences), seeking order without suffocating one’s sense of receptivity, iconic scenes from the Godfather, and living out of a place of spontaneous availability. You’ll also learn what one of Alanna’s greatest insecurities is, about Jimmy’s brush with death, and about what’s to come in the season ahead.

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To start, Jimmy comments on how Nashville seems to keep drawing Alanna back again and again – a fact Alanna doesn’t mind, as she’s a big fan of Music City, USA. Jimmy, a dyed-in-the-wool southerner, asks Alanna about what the transition between the East Coast and the South is like for her. In his mind, the East coast strikes him as being cold, stand-offish, and hectic. Alanna agrees to some extent, but describes how New Yorkers are usually the type of people who will give you the shirt off of their very back – despite the rough and harried exterior many of them express. The two share thoughts on times when regional differences have been apparent throughout their travels. This leads Jimmy to share some thoughts on efficiency, and how it can serve to further a mission if properly integrated in a life that’s open to rolling with the punches and meeting needs as they arise.

Alanna asks Jimmy a few extremely random questions related to hypothetical and horrifying situations, and makes clear to the listening audience that this is her trademark way of getting to know other people. She shares a story from the seminal Love Good tour back in Summer 2013. Jimmy reels the conversation back to the concept of raising one’s standard of media consumption, and how this is goes beyond being merely conceptual: it requires having the kind of awareness that sees virtue and goodness where a more prescriptive and legalistic mindset would not. Alanna shares how wrestling with the gray spaces of life is, paradoxically, what makes us more appreciative of color, contour, and movement: viz., the fullness of life.

Following this, they share some insights into what lays ahead for this season of the podcast – discussions on dark matter, language, being “right” versus being honest, and more. As this lighthearted conversation comes to a close, Alanna describes a bit about her personal kryptonite, and finally she and Jimmy give a shout out to last season’s beloved co-host, Janaya Trudel. 


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