The Love Good winter mixtape is here! Have you downloaded it yet? We’re excited to share a run-down of the songs on the mixtape, and we hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are. 

1.”Not Bad Enough” | Andy Gullahorn

Our sampler opens with this simple but powerful tune from singer-songwriter Andy Gullahorn. Lyrically, the themes of addiction, struggle, shame and self-worth are explored with a frankness that’s refreshing and hopeful. Gullahorn uses specific examples that seem obvious, and yet that aren’t often freely talked about.

2. “Another Man’s Shoes” | Drew Holcomb

A long time favorite at the Love Good headquarters, Drew Holcomb has a knack for combining unforgettably catchy melodies with easy-to-remember, quietly profound lyrics. “Another Man’s Shoes” is perhaps the best example of this, with its tight-but-easy-going drum kit backdrop, playful acoustic riff, organ swells and ear-candy harmonies.

3. “One More Wave” | Ellie Schmidly

Nashville-based singer Ellie Schmidly recently released her debut EP entitled “Blossom & Bone”, which unfurls with minimalistic, bluesy warmth. This track caught our attention because of its traditional string arrangement and thoughtful sound design, not to mention Schmidly’s classy vocals.

4. “Your Table” | Ike Ndolo

Ike Ndolo has a style that borrows from a wide swath of musical influence, but his tone is uniquely his own. “Your Table” is a powerful song from a number of perspectives: musically, lyrically, philosophically and artistically, it shines and swells. A rich choral backdrop, hiphop sound engineering, and Ndolo’s searingly personal (yet universal) writing on the topic of belonging, racial prejudice, and hypocrisy make for a highly enjoyable, thought-provoking listen.

5. “Don’t Get Me Wrong” | Leigh Nash (acoustic)

We’ll shoot right from the hip with this one and simply say it: this song is buoyant. Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer has a few hugely popular songs under her belt (“Kiss Me,” for example), and this latest single of hers taps into that same “it” quality that dominated the radio airwaves in the early 2000s.

6. “Left of Your Joy” | The Collection

Originally the solo project of frontman/lead singer David Wimbish, The Collection is a band that grew organically out of friendships (and a shared appreciation for world and folk music). This song is one of Wimbish’s most recent creations, and the whimsical production belies an incredible attention to detail, disciplined collaboration, and an old soul who’s experienced enough pain to really savor joy.

7. “What Bendrix Read” | Alanna Boudreau

Inspired by Graham Greene’s wartime novel The End of the Affair, What Bendrix Read is Alanna Boudreau’s reinterpretation of the female protagonist’s journal. A heavy, warm bass line, African-esque guitar riffs, and layers of hand percussion create a mood that is playful, despite the serious subject matter.

8. “Slow Motion” | Matt Wertz

Matt Wertz has lived and recorded in Nashville for the past ten years or so, but for his latest record he stepped out of his usual locale and traveled to Los Angeles to work with a production team there. The West-coast, techno-sleek vibe of the region meshes beautifully with Wertz’s vocal and lyrical style, creating a mellow pop track that your ears will welcome.

9. “Strangers Like Us” | Solström

Michael Sollstrom is a singer-songwriter from Southern California. His writing is rich with allegorical writing, natural imagery and a fantasy-hued imagination. This song caught our attention because of its subject matter – the sense of being on a journey, forever moving toward some final sense of home: the longing that exists at the heart of joy.

10. “Miss You (Live)” | Jackie Minton

This song is simple, but that’s what allows Minton’s smokey vocals to shine. Accompanied vocally by Irish musician Andrew Ascough, Minton plucks an acoustic guitar and sings of shy love – “I miss you, darling.”

11. “Kerosene (Live)” | Sean McVerry

Sean McVerry has graced our mixtapes before, and we were eager to have him back again. This time he’s more stripped down in this exclusive live recording from a Sofar session. This song showcases McVerry’s intense talent; his writing, timing, guitar-playing, passion, and musical agility are a marvel to behold.

12. “Coeur D’alene” | Tyson Motsenbocker

This song from Tyson Motsenbocker has a sonic spaciness that somehow feels like the cool air of winter – it’s easy to visualize friends walking together in the cold, their breath misting in the air. Fans of Vampire Weekend will hear similar guitar stylings and percussion in Motsenbocker’s music.

13. “Human” | Holly Starr

We love the hopeful message that carries across in this upbeat pop song from Holly Starr. She speaks into the struggle of perfectionism and encourages us to try a different perspective when tempted to slide down the shame spiral.

14. “Not Too Late” | Andy Gullahorn

To close our playlist, we’ve bookended things with our opener, Andy Gullahorn. With his trademark peaceful sound, Gullahorn once again embraces the thorny subject matter that is the human heart and its perpetual struggle to believe in newness. “It’s not too late to change your mind, it’s not too late for the truth this time. It’s not too late to fall on your knees, it’s not too late for apologies. Not too late to come clean, to face all the fallout that there might be. And it’s not too late to understand [that] Grace is more than a concept to believe in.”