One summer evening at a conference, I found myself listening to a captivating talk and the most beautiful music by the founder of Love Good. At that time, I had no idea what Love Good was all about. However, I was so inspired to see someone so passionate about preserving the beauty of our culture and the arts, I had to find out more. I never thought I would be so transformed by that evening!

Months later, I went to my first Fireside event. I not only learned so much about Love Good but was also gifted with such beauty by the artists that night as they played and sang. Before I knew it, I signed up as a $50/month patron. The packages I now receive every season have broadened my appreciation for so many things. The things I have received like notebooks, t-shirts, poetry, art and especially the music are so fantastic! I have always loved music. However, I had never given much thought to the journey an artist must go through before we actually see or hear their work. Love Good has helped bring so many artists to the limelight by the support of patrons. I soon came to realize how Love Good was changing my way of seeing things. I used to comfortably say “I can’t stand country music!”. Yet, after hearing some of the music from Love Good, I found myself changed. I never cared much for coffee, although after receiving the Southern Pecan coffee, I found myself looking forward to a cup. It shocked me to realize that so many things that I didn’t like was really from a lack of exposure to it. Like a kid not trying a food because of its looks only to find out later that it actually tastes amazing! I feel so blessed to be regularly exposed to beautiful things. Things that I would not have sought out on my own yet now can’t imagine being without.

Later that year, I hosted what I called a Love Good party in the hopes of encouraging others to become patrons as well. This was NOT my comfort-zone and shocked many who knew me. It was like nothing I had ever done before. So that night, sure I wanted to get others to be a part of this awesome movement but more than that, I wanted them to experience the true, the good, and the beautiful I was experiencing through Love Good. So many of my friends and family members signed up as patrons. Little did I know through those events and my involvement with Love Good, that months later I would find myself in Rome! I was able to accompany some of the Love Good team on an adventure experiencing faith, culture, and art at a whole new level. Seeing the beauty of the architecture, music, and art in person is truly something words cannot describe. Seeing every brushstroke they made and imagining the many hours it took to complete gave me an appreciation for art like I never had before. I am so grateful that once again Love Good brought me out of my comfort zone to experience life in a way I could have never even imagined.

When I signed up as a Love Good patron, I thought I was doing someone else a favor. On the contrary, I did myself a favor! I was not expecting I would be so cultured by this movement. From curated coffee to adventures in Rome, music by the Gray Havens to music parties with friends, from art designed by Austin Smith to sheet music written by Jimmy Mitchell, from vinyl records to cool t-shirts, these are just some of what I have received and experienced through my Love Good patronage. For me, Love Good has been a life-changing experience and I am so grateful and fortunate to be a part of this dream.


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