Nearly three years ago, we asked founding patrons Andy and Michelle to share their “why.” Why did they become Love Good patrons, and why are they so committed to building a better culture through beauty? They recently hosted a series of backyard shows during our 2020 summer tour, and we couldn’t resist bringing their story back into the spotlight. We hope it inspires and empowers you to find your “why” for building a better culture.

It wasn’t until we became parents, and parents of an absolute sponge at that, that we started realizing that the message of the music we were listening to mattered.  When we had to start explaining the lyrics to our very inquisitive three-year-old son, we realized that the values that we hoped to pass on to him and the values that he was absorbing through the music we were listening to were really quite opposed to each other. At that point, the only viable alternative was contemporary christian music. So we listened to that for a few years because it was at least safe. But, for its safety, it was also disappointing because it didn’t really help us explore the depths of being human. It was about that time that we got an email from Jimmy, pitching this vision of artists transforming culture through music. It was an answer to prayer, a cause we had only dreamed could exist, and one we knew we had to support.

When we started receiving music from the movement, we were hooked. Here, finally, were artists grappling with the realities of living life in a fallen world. But grappling with the underlying understanding that how we live matters. No longer did we have to worry about questionable lyrics, not because the music was “safe” but because it was written by people exploring the whole of the human experience in the same way that we were — with a belief that how we approach every situation in our life should be shaped by our faith. Here were values we were comfortable letting settle into our kids’ souls. Here was beautifully written and masterfully performed music, of every genre, speaking truth.

Through Love Good we discover music that sparks questions and meaningful conversations with our children, art that pierces our hearts, and words that feed our souls. But even more so, as patrons, we join a movement. A movement so compelling that we’ve had to leave our comfort zone to share it with others. And in that vulnerable place outside of our comfort zone we have found such joy — friendships that have enriched our lives, people we never would have met otherwise. We have more fully entered into community with others and it has been life changing! So this movement, with its vision of transforming culture, is doing just that — one song, one family at a time.

We’ve also had some incredible experiences hosting concerts. The artists involved in the movement that we have hosted concerts for have become some of our dearest friends. Our children not only love their music, but look up to these artists as role models. And we have had some amazing moments at concerts.

At one concert, friends that we hadn’t seen for a decade were so touched by the music and the movement that they become patrons that night and started spreading the movement in their own community.

Another time, our neighbor’s 90-year-old father was over visiting when we were hosting an outdoor summer concert with Shawn and Chris and Jacqui and Catherine. He was a jazz guitar player in his younger years, but didn’t have any desire to come over for the concert, saying it wasn’t his type of music. About three songs in, we noticed that he was right up at the privacy fence peeking through to see the show. Three songs later, he was in our backyard because he just couldn’t resist the music.

Yet another moment was when those same neighbors came to another show (again in our backyard) the day after their daughter’s wedding. They were so moved by the music that they broke down in tears. On top of all that, a friend loved one of Adam & I’s songs so much that she and her husband used it as “their song” and danced to it at their wedding.

This movement has truly changed our lives and the lives of the people around us.

[originally published on the Love Good blog on Nov. 20, 2017]


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