Imagine a gap year that lays a foundation for life. Most young people go off to university uncertain about the future and graduate four or five years later having lost themselves or depleted their bank account. As a Love Good apprentice, you embark daily upon an adventure of self-discovery as you intentionally live the transcendentals of beauty, truth, and goodness. By the end of the year, you are ready to seize the future with confidence, joy, and clarity.


Learn how to be fully alive and fully yourself as you raise your standard for happiness, friendship, and virtue.


Be transformed as you discover your life’s purpose through prayer, community, and discernment.


Build a better culture as you accompany young people and lay a foundation for the rest of your life.

In a world that normalizes mediocrity and relativism, our apprentices spend nine months living in community as they are formed, equipped, and sent out to build a better culture. Every morning, they enter into an intense rhythm of prayer followed by Love Good Academy where they learn everything from public speaking and leadership theory to principles of evangelization. Every afternoon, their self-directed tracks take them into academic studies, creative media, and entrepreneurship, furthering their discernment and helping them find their life’s purpose. In their free time, they learn the art of accompaniment, mentoring young people in the faith through our partnerships with local schools and churches.

This is more than a gap year. It’s a launching point for life. While the program costs $300/month (with living expenses in Nashville estimated at an additional $1000/month), the transferable skills, attitudes, and knowledge developed by the end of the year are priceless.


December 1, 2019: first round of applications due for the 2020-2021 apprenticeship year
February 1, 2020: final round of application due for the 2020-2021 apprenticeship year
April 1, 2020: commitment deadline
August 15, 2020 – May 14, 2021: program year

Apprentices must be between the ages of 18 and 25. You must be available for the entire nine-month period (Aug. 15, 2020 – May 14, 2021) and commit to living in Nashville during that time.

STEP 1: Apply online by February 1, 2020.
STEP 2: You will hear from Love Good to set up a video interview soon after we receive your application.
STEP 3: Acceptance packages will be sent throughout the month of March 2020 on a first come, first served basis.

Your program fee of $300/month covers day-to-day support and resources provided by the Love Good team, ongoing formation with Love Good Academy, and community/mentorship opportunities throughout the year. We recommend having an additional $800/month set aside for your living expenses (rent, utilities, and groceries). Apprentices are responsible for tuition, healthcare, car insurance, day-to-day gas money, and anything else related to their personal needs

Though not required, we strongly encourage our apprentices to have a car in Nashville. It helps with transportation every day while also allowing the freedom to explore Nashville during free time.

Love Good cannot offer scholarships at this time. Apprentices are encouraged to launch personal fundraising campaigns if they cannot afford their cost of living for the year. Apprentices taking part-time classes are highly encouraged to seek outside scholarships that can cover additional costs like tuition and books.

Mornings are dedicated primarily to prayer and formation. Afternoons are dedicated to individual tracks (academic, professional, creative, or apostolic) and require self-motivation and discipline more than any other time of the day. Evenings are filled with opportunities for ongoing accompaniment, intentional leisure, and community-building through potlucks, house concerts, and family dinners.

Though not ideal, apprentices can forego their afternoon tracks and instead work part-time. It will be necessary for working apprentices to find a job with enough flexibility to preserve the spirit of the program (i.e. only working afternoons and weekends).

Love Good facilitates housing for our apprentices in separate men’s and women’s homes in Nashville. There are between 4 and 5 people in each home, and most apprentices will share a bedroom. Each home has a House Director (college grad or returning apprentice) that manages finances and groceries while also overseeing the daily rhythm of prayer, community, and house maintenance.

Intense but beautiful. Few things stretch the soul more than life in community. You’ll share meals together, pray together, and enter into ongoing discipleship as a house. It’s like being a family – with all of its joys and dramas – except with 4 people around your age who are all in pursuit of the true, good, and beautiful.

It is possible to enroll in classes online as a part-time student, and afternoons are dedicated to studies if an apprentice chooses the academic track. It is not possible to be a full-time or a traditional college student during the apprenticeship year.

Several evenings a week, our apprentices volunteer in local youth ministry and come alongside the efforts of youth ministers, core teams, and mentors across the city. They also visit schools throughout the week to build relationships with students and lead discipleship groups for those young people looking to go deeper.

Yes! We firmly believe in the importance of intentional leisure and time to rest. There will be opportunities (especially on weekends) to explore Nashville, spend time with others, and pursue personal hobbies and interests.

Yes, our apprentices are off for the entire week of Thanksgiving (Nov. 21-28, 2020) and three weeks for Christmas (Dec. 19, 2020 – Jan. 9, 2021). If costs or other factors prohibit you from going home to spend time with family, you can stay in Nashville or spend the holidays with other apprentices and their families.

First-year apprentices are diving into an intense year full of new adventures and challenges. You will be dedicating a lot of time to each other as a community and to those you accompany. We ask that our apprentices refrain from dating while serving in their first year so you are able to be fully present to those around you. If you are already in a relationship prior to arriving in Nashville, we will not ask that you break it off before coming. We simply ask that the apprenticeship program be your primary focus.

Love Good is a movement of artists, patrons, and young people who believe in the power of beauty to change the world. Through our curated playlists, intimate events, and seasonal packages, we help ordinary consumers raise their standard for media and inspire them to build a better culture. Apprentices are on the front lines of our movement, intensely living the transcendentals of beauty, truth, and goodness that Love Good promotes.

Heck yeah. Love Good is a global movement. However, we are aware of the hurdles that comes with international visas and travel arrangements, and we are prepared to work through the process with you.


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