Imagine a 9-month adventure steeped in prayer, community, and mission. Most 18-year-olds go off to university uncertain about the future and graduate 5 or 6 years later having lost their souls and depleted their bank account. With Love Good, you can lay a foundation and launching point for the rest of your life.

Our Apprenticeship program enables and ennobles young adults to become the hands and feet of our movement, transforming culture with the beauty of their lives and through the hearts of the young people they accompany. Through ongoing personalspiritualapostolic, and professional growth, our apprentices learn what we call the art of being human and allow God to make a masterpiece of their lives.

The application is officially live. Should you apply, you will at least grow in self-understanding and at best give yourself an opportunity to change the world.


Nothing is worth doing if we are not growing from it, so the brave pursuit of personal development and cultivation of virtue are focal points for our apprentices. By living in community, learning how to be intentional during times of leisure, and participating in ongoing formation opportunities, our apprentices are committed to growing together as individuals and as a community. This common pursuit of excellence with built-in accountability stretches the heart, strengthens the soul, and builds irreplaceable relationships that will last a lifetime.


A rich and steady spiritual life is an indispensable pillar in the lives of any aspiring saint. We encourage and challenge our apprentices to delve deeply into a rhythm of prayer and the Sacraments since the love and life we offer the world is a direct fruit of our being “perpetually present” with God. Each day, they pray the Liturgy of the Hours, attend Mass and Holy Hour, and devote time to personal prayer.


The Great Commission asks that we accompany others in their pursuit of truth, beauty, and holiness. Through our partnership with local and national ministries, Love Good provides countless opportunities for our apprentices to participate in this call to evangelization and discipleship. With a particular emphasis on young people, our apprentices learn how to offer their gifts in service of Christ and His Church.


Each person, entrusted with a unique set of gifts and talents, is called to dedicate intentional time to learning and developing their skills through study, trade, or craft. Whether enrolled online as a part-time student or paired with a local mentor in a field of interest, every apprentice sets goals and dives deeply into their own professional development. Throughout the year, they present their wisdom, experience, and creations to the rest of the Love Good family and allow their personal growth in discipline and time management to propel them towards a potential vocation or career.






AUGUST 13, 2018 – May 17, 2019: PROGRAM YEAR

NOTE: If you are planning on crowdfunding for your apprenticeship year, we recommend committing early. The sooner you commit, the sooner we can help provide necessary tools for financially supporting your time in Nashville.


Apprentices must be between the ages of 18 and 22. They must be available for the entire 9-month period (Aug. 13, 2018 – May 17, 2019) and commit to living and serving in Nashville during that time.

STEP 1: Fill out an application online. All applications are due December 1st, 2017.

STEP 2: You will hear from Love Good in December about a potential video interview.

STEP 3: Apprenticeship offers will be sent out in January, when all accepted applicants will receive more information about the program and what it entails.

$200/month covers Love Good program costs.

We estimate an additional $1000/month for living expenses, which includes rent, utilities, and groceries. Apprentices are responsible for tuition, healthcare, car insurance, day-to-day gas money, and anything else related to their personal or academic needs

Similar to Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and other crowdfunding sites, we provide a platform for apprentices to raise money and rally ongoing support from family and friends. Apprentices taking part-time classes are highly encouraged to seek outside scholarships that can cover additional costs like tuition and books as well.

Mornings are dedicated primarily to prayer and formation along with a few hours of running the daily operations of Love Good. Afternoons are for academic, apostolic, or professional development. Evenings are filled with opportunities for evangelization and discipleship, intentional leisure, and local community through potlucks, house concerts, and family dinners.

Yes, we cannot wait to have more feminine genius around! We are excited to pilot the program for women this year, and we encourage all who apply to be open to the potential challenges and new adventures that come with any first-year endeavor.

Our apprentices live near each other in men’s and women’s homes around Nashville, TN. There are between four and six people in each home, and most apprentices share rooms. Each home has a House Director that manages finances and groceries while also overseeing the daily rhythm of prayer, community, and home maintenance.

It is possible to enroll in classes online as a part-time student, and afternoons are dedicated to studies if an apprentice so chooses. It is not possible to be a full-time or a traditional college student during the apprenticeship year.

Several evenings a week, our apprentices volunteer in local youth ministry (i.e. Life Teen and Fraternusto strengthen, deepen, and sustain the efforts of existing youth ministers, core teams, and mentors across the city. Out of that local commitment comes their leadership of discipleship groups for young people looking to go deeper in their pursuit of virtue and prayer. The apprentices also visit schools throughout the week to build relationships with students and maintain a consistent presence in their lives.

Yes! We firmly believe in the importance of intentional leisure and time to rest. There will be opportunities (especially on weekends) to explore Nashville, spend time with others, and pursue personal hobbies and interests.

Yes, all of our apprentices get the entire week of Thanksgiving off (Nov. 17-24, 2018) and three weeks for Christmas (Dec. 15, 2018 – Jan. 5, 2019). If costs or other factors prohibit you from going home to spend time with family, you can stay in Nashville or spend the holidays with other apprentices and their families.

First-year apprentices are diving into an intense year full of new adventures and challenges. You will be dedicating a lot of time to each other as a community and to those you accompany in apostolic activities. We ask that our apprentices refrain from dating while serving in their first year so you are able to be fully present to those around you.

If you are already in a relationship prior to arriving in Nashville, we will not ask that you break it off before coming. We simply ask that the apprenticeship year is your primary focus.

Though not required, we strongly encourage our apprentices to have a vehicle in Nashville. It helps with transportation to and from parishes, schools, and partner sites every day while also allowing the freedom to explore Nashville during free time.

Absolutely, Love Good is a global movement! However, we are aware of the hurdles that comes with international visas and travel arrangements, and we are prepared to work through the process with you.

Email us today to set up a phone call with one of our current apprentices.