Let’s Be Saints Together!

There is no such thing as second-class holiness. Either we put up a constant fight to stay in the grace of God and imitate Christ, our Model, or we desert in that divine battle. God invites everyone; each person can become holy in his own state in life…” (Saint Josemaria Escriva, In Love with the Church, 37) 

We are each called to lead join in the battle to lead lives of beauty and holiness. This battle is first and foremost fought in the silence of our hearts as we allow God to conform our hearts to His. There have been fewer things more rewarding in my life than helping to build up a generation of saints who seek to storm heaven together!


The oldest of five children, I have always enjoyed being in the role of a mentor. After completing a Masters in Education while teaching and coaching at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School in Atlanta, I returned home to Nashville to work alongside my longtime friend and founder of Love Good LLC, Jimmy Mitchell. I have spent the past year overseeing the products and partnerships of Love Good while also helping young people encounter Christ by leading retreats and coordinating various youth programs throughout Nashville. Some of the highlights have been leading a Fall, Winter, and Spring retreat for local Nashville high school boys and coordinating a national retreat for 220 young men and adults for Fraternus, a virtue based mentorship program.

There are few things more powerful than being able to look a young man in the eyes and challenge him to a life of holiness. I have experienced the fruits of accompanying young people in their lives of faith. Pope Francis has said that the art of accompaniment is simply removing our sandals before the sacred ground of the other and leading them on pilgrimage with Christ to the Father.

This year I am entering mentoring three young men in this art of accompaniment as they join Jimmy and myself in our rhythm prayer and work that we’ve lived for the past year. The Love Good Apprenticeship Program is designed to help young men and women rediscover the art of being human and to propose a life rooted in Christ as the fulfillment of all desire, while providing daily opportunities for human and spiritual formation through community life, development of a trade, and ongoing prayer.


This upcoming year I am serving as the Director of Operations for Love Good.On top of being a media discovery platform and crowdfunding initiative, Love Good is a grassroots movement that accompanies young people and artists who are transforming culture with beauty. I have been heavily involved with the Apprentice Program while also continuing to lead retreats and disciple young men throughout Nashville by helping them develop a life of prayer, virtue, and brotherhood. I definitely couldn’t have imagined finding myself in the place I am now. I figured that I would be off studying in seminary or back teaching in the classroom, but I am confident that this is where the Lord has called me to be for this year.

If you are interested in joining me in this mission of raising up the next generation of saints, please consider becoming a patron of Love Good. In order to make this year possible, I am in need of financial support of 50 patrons giving at least $10/month (higher donation amounts count as multiple patrons) in order to cover my housing and living expenses so that I can focus on doing the Lord’s work!

As a patron, you’ll receive a QUARTERLY SUBSCRIPTION BOX (digital or physical) of new products we’ve been working on as a team. Not only will you be on the front lines of discovering the best new music, books, and craft initiatives from across the world, but your ongoing patronage will have eternal consequences on the youth who will be impacted by your joining in this mission. See below for the different patronage options!

Thanks so much for taking time to view this page. I appreciate your prayers and support!