What does it mean to be a man in a world of perpetual adolescence? How do you live your manhood so authentically that others can’t help but get inspired and follow you? How do you raise up the next generation of boys into virtuous men? These questions and more are what Reclaim Fatherhood is all about. Led by Jimmy Mitchell, an international speaker and long-time friend of Fraternus, this event is designed for men who want to grow in virtue and pass on the faith to the next generation. Jimmy’s past events include SEEK, World Youth Day, and diocesan events across three continents. Claim your date on his calendar today.


Catholic parishes. Because of the conversation, media, and Q&A that happens throughout the event, we highly recommend hosting Reclaim Fatherhood in a social hall and require full A/V support from start to finish.

We ask the parish to promote the event as well as provide the venue and food. We also ask the parish to cover Jimmy’s travel costs and accommodations. It is up to the parish to decide if they will collect a fee or donation from attendees or not. There is no direct speaking fee for Jimmy as long as the parish can commit to a minimum of 100 men in attendance. At the end of the event, we’ll sell books and invite everyone to subscribe to the ongoing formation resources provided by Fraternus.

From start to finish, Reclaim Fatherhood lasts for three hours. We begin with Mass followed by half an hour of food and fellowship. Then we move into two different talks, each followed by 20 minutes of discussion. We wrap up the event with Q&A and an opportunity to subscribe to ongoing formation resources provided by Fraternus.

Yes. As host, we ask that you provide food and drinks for everyone, whether the event takes place in the evening or on a Saturday morning. We recommend beer (or bourbon) and BBQ for evening events and plenty of coffee and donuts for morning events.

No. While the event is very popular among dads and grandfathers, it’s designed for all men (from age 15 and up) looking to grow in their faith and claim their baptismal call: to pass on the faith to the next generation.

Fraternus is a parish-based apostolate that mentors boys into virtuous, Catholic men. With active chapters in over 30 parishes, Fraternus is changing the lives of countless men and raising up a generation of boys who want to be great saints. To learn more, visit fraternus.net.

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