Hello there! My name is Janaya Trudel, and I am so ready to share with you a bit about my life and how I was brought to this fateful next step to Nashville!  I was planted and grown in an ultra rural district named “Honeymoon” in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada, where I’m the first daughter of my heroic parents, Colin and Janice, and the big sister (in age, not height) to my three younger ducklings, Jolissa, Graeme, and Declan.

I was steeped in music since birth and started to be featured in performances with my parents at the age of three. By the time I was ten, all six of us were traveling as a family-band (a blessed gongshow), which is wittingly titled, “The Trudel Family.” In my early teen years, our family went through a significant “turning around”, a conversion that changed our lives, our home, and our music. We still tour to this day.

After a growth-inducing high school experience, I moved to small town Bruno, Saskatchewan, where I ended up devoting the inaugural years of my adult life to my own faith/human formation at St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission. After two years of receiving deeply from the program, that place became my mission field, as I returned for another two years serving on staff as an accompanying presence for the ones journeying there.

My upbringing in the marketplaces of the world paired with my years spent in focused faith formation instilled in me a deep love and passion for young adult formation.  Over and over again, I have been awe-struck into adoration by the capacity for young people to attain the heights of holiness, to suffer bravely, to grow exponentially, and to love heroically. I have seen God do things in my own life and in others’ lives that I cannot unsee, and this is why the vision of Love Good pulls at my heart with such blessed intensity.


As an aspiring artist who has been steeped in the context of faith formation and the intentional discipleship of young adults, it is a great joy to be able to take part in something that so deeply pulls on my deepest desires and most poignant gifts. It is my solitary motivation to offer these gifts for the Glory of God and the up building of the Church, most specifically through the mission of Love Good and the evangelization of culture through the power of art and the importance of accompaniment.


  • Writing and curating any content that goes out to the media, the apprentices, and our patrons. In the midst of all of our various point of output (whether it be the music/artists we promote, the blogs/podcasts/media we put out, or the way of life we propose), it is my job to make sure that the heart of our mission stays in tact.
  • Accompanying and providing ongoing formation and mentorship to current apprentices.
  • Accompanying speakers to conferences to offer service of providing music ministry, giving talks, leading small groups, etc.
  • Working to create a structure and vision for the apprenticeship program that is sensitive to spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, and social/relational needs of the individual and of the community as a whole. 
  • Communicating with our Artists as we continue to discover and promote first class art that is in line with our vision and cultivates a culture of beautiful, truth-filled storytelling.
  • Helping recruit, interview, and process 2018-2019 apprentices.

In addition to this work, I will also be living the Love Good mission as an artist, continuing to write and develop my music as an instrument to bring God’s love and life into the world through good, wholesome, beautiful art. I am also studying part-time online as I continue to pursue a B.A. in English and the Humanities, which has been incredibly formative and inspiring for both my own artistic endeavours and my role with Love Good.  It is an incredible gift to be able to have my hands in a mission that I care so deeply about, as well as have the opportunity to continue to develop my own gifts.


I heard about (and quickly fell in love with) the movement of Love Good a few years ago while I was studying/working in the context of a faith formation program for young adults at St. Therese  Institute of Faith and Mission in Bruno, Saskatchewan. My soul was snagged by the mission and music that Love Good supported and promoted, which I discovered through a few friends who were already patrons. I was instantly drawn to the familiar truths that Love Good was presenting, which always seemed to be enshrouded in a deeply accessible beauty. Later on, Jimmy Mitchell would visit Saskatchewan to speak at a couple conferences that I was involved with, where we met in person and began to dream about possible future involvement with the Love Good mission and family. At the end of my fourth blessed year in beloved Bruno, I knew the Lord was calling me onward. Not long after I decided to step away from my work in formation at St. Therese, I received an invitation from Love Good to come and help launch this crazy, wonderful mission, which is as beautiful as it is desperately needed in our broken world. I said yes, and the rest is history in the making. I and I am so thrilled to be a part of the Love Good family and the hope we are working to bear into this hungry world.


Throughout the centuries, patronage has been a way to support the arts and enable people to continue to build authentic, beautiful culture. In my missionary-staff position with Love Good, this is precisely the hope. Before I can get there, there are a few logistics that I am needing some support in so that I can best give of myself in Nashville. These include, you guessed it:

  • Rent/utilities: Covered by 50 patrons giving at least $10/month. 
  • Groceries: Covered by 5 patrons per month
  • Travel expenses/gas money: Part of my work with Love Good will include regularly traveling to nearby schools and parishes to meet and spend time with high school students who are looking for faith-filled place to land and establish themselves after graduation. The building of relationships and regular follow-ups are so important, and it will mean a bit of traveling on my part.

As a patron, you’ll receive a QUARTERLY SUBSCRIPTION BOX (digital or physical) of new products we’ve been working on as a team. Not only will you be on the front lines of discovering the best new music, books, and craft initiatives from across the world, but your ongoing patronage will help sustain the lives of artists and apprentices (like me) that you can believe in. See below for the different patronage options!

If you are blessed the financial ability to support a worthy cause, consider becoming a patron and supporting this mission, which is not only dear to me, but, I believe, important for the whole world. I will be doing my very best to give of my gifts wholeheartedly in this mission with Love Good to raise up solid, creative, vibrant young disciples that will change this world, one community at a time.

Above all else, please pray for me! I will be keeping you updated on the exterior and interior developments of this little mission of mine. Have no doubt that your prayerful encouragement and support is directly and personally powerful in my life.

We are all one body in Christ, so I look forward to embarking on this journey with you! Stay tuned!