Official Bio:

Jimmy is the founder and chief curator of Love Good, a cultural movement supported by committed patrons who raise media to a higher standard and help young people and artists turn that standard into a way of life. Like most entrepreneurs, he wears many other hats: he’s an international speaker, host of the popular Love Good Podcast, and an accomplished musician and composer. Believing deeply in the power of beauty to build a better culture, Jimmy’s gift of storytelling and piano playing bring him to every corner of the world inspiring others to realize their capacity for greatness and empowering them to pursue their unique and unrepeatable calling in life.

Like most people who live in Nashville, he loves good music, old books, local coffee, and craft beer. Follow his adventures today on Instagram and Twitter.


Corporate Talks

The Art of Being Human
Mastering the soft skills that make you most effective

The Power of Beauty (and why it has no enemies)
Maximizing creativity at work and at home

Raise the Standard
How to curate media that helps you become the best you

No Longer a Slave
Ruling technology before it rules you

Brave Enough to Wonder
The importance of littleness in your pursuit of success

Ride the Line
How to run a great business without losing your mission

Church Talks

Love What Is Good, Become What You Love
Understanding virtue in an age of relativism

Through It All
A journey through salvation history from Creation to Pentecost

Give Me Purity (or give me death)
How to fight for freedom in a pornographic world

Love [An Epic]
Discerning the heart and will of God

Rise Up In Glory
The genius of authentic masculinity in a confused world

Marian Grace
An evening of sacred music with Colleen Nixon