Founder & Chief Curator

Jimmy Mitchell is a speaker and musician who believes that beauty will change the world. He’s the founder and chief curator of Love Good, a media discovery platform and crowdfunding initiative that accompanies young people and artists who are transforming culture with beauty. He frequently travels the world with the mission of helping others fall in love with God and realize their capacity for holiness. His original piano compositions can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and radio formats across America. His voice and heart can also be heard regularly as the host of The Love Good Podcast.

Like most people who live in Nashville, he loves good music, old books, local coffee, craft beer, and big families. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter today.


Corporate Event Talks

Beauty Over Busyness: Living Every Moment with Passion & Purpose

Why Technology Shouldn’t Rule Your Life

Work, Leisure, and the Art of Being Human

Concerts & Parish Missions

Through it All: A Personal Journey from Creation to Pentecost

Love [An Epic]: Understanding the Heart of God

Marian Grace: An Evening of Sacred Music with Colleen Nixon

Youth & Young Adult Conference Talks

Theology of Holy Desire

The Nature of True Friendship and the Art of Accompaniment

True Manhood in the World of Perpetual Adolescence

Living Purity in a Pornographic World

Let’s Be Saints Together: A Call to Arms