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IMG_6769Tell us about your musical childhood.

I grew up in a musical family with some sort of instrument in almost every room of our house, the piano being my favorite to experiment on :). I will never forget our percussion basket, filled with homemade gourd maracas and a variety of international shakers! My mom always had a cassette on in the car and my dad would play his favorite records. My grandmother was a piano teacher and played at church, and both of my parents play the guitar and sing.

We have family home videos of my older sister and I belting Disney songs around the same time as our first words. Before long we were singing or dancing on stage and also hosting recitals in our home. We always had a songbook open on the piano and it was common practice to memorize songs from musicals. When my little sister was born we started singing three-part harmonies and still love playing and performing all together.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

It’s hard to pick one because different musicians inspired me in different ways. Ingrid Michaelson has always been a big inspiration of mine, especially her early style and albums. Prior to discovering her music I have always been deeply moved by the lyrics of Dan Fogelberg. Being from Colorado I love John Denver, and of course Joni Mitchell for her visual art as well.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Anything outside, I really love hiking and before I moved to Nashville, skiing was my favorite thing to do. Also cooking for others, teaching yoga, making art, and when possible, traveling!

What age did you start playing music?

I started taking Suzuki piano lessons when I was 5 and then began playing the flute when I was 10, and percussion in high school.

If you could play any instrument that you don’t already what would it be?

Maybe the 8 string mandolin 🙂

Who would open for you if you could choose anyone?

I would have my sisters open for me, my younger sister is an incredible singer and my older sister is a composer and professional flautist/pianist. I am so proud of them both and am constantly inspired by their music and creations.

(When I first read this question, I thought it was asking who would you open for if you could choose anyone…And my answer was Gregory Alan Isakov…I cherish his music.)

If you had to pick one venue to play at for the rest of your life where would it be?

Definitely Red Rocks. I have yet to see a more beautiful venue!

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