Tell us about music in your childhood.

I am the youngest of three boys, so my mother wanted us to do something creative instead of fighting. I took up drums in the first grade, my brother, guitar. My oldest brother opted out. So my middle brother, Thomas, and I began playing songs in the basement just drums and guitar. Around age thirteen, I began stealing his guitar because I wanted to sing and write. Eventually I learned a few chords. He and I both play the guitar upside down and lefty… that’s a whole other story.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Bob Dylan

What is your dream venue?

Red Rocks near Denver, CO.

Are there any instruments you wish you could play?

Hammond b3 organ would be pretty useful.

Where did you first perform?

Grade school. But my first real show was at Marquette University.

What is your most embarrassing musical moment?

It was in Cleveland… it was just a bad one.

Tell us your go-to shower song.

MLK by U2

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