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Tell us about your musical career growing up.

I always had music in my life. My parents are life long professional musicians so I have always had music in my ears even before I was born.

How long have you been playing music/what instruments?

I guess the first instrument I ever started lessons for would be violin when I was 3. My Violin career didn’t last too long haha but my Suzuki ear training really paid off in the long run. I started playing the piano and would go to competitions at a young age. Playing classical pieces from Chopin, to Ravel, Beethoven, Bach, Scriabin, etc. Piano growing up gave me a great visual approach to music.

I didn’t start singing till I was older, my dad forced me to join choir and I ended up really loving it. I loved how voices sounded together and it inspired me to cultivate my own.

Saxophone, clarinet, guitar, dulcimer, melodica, mandolin, and harmonica I also picked up on the way.

What is your guilty pleasure song that you would not want anyone to know you’re listening to right now?

For sure Breaking Free from High school Musical

It’s also really awkward when someone catches you listening to your own Music alone

What is your go to song that you sing in the shower?

Usually Bits and pieces of operatic arias I used to sing my freshman year of college. I studied opera in school so I like to keep that part of my voice up 🙂 one would be “Nessum Dorma”

What would be your dream concert?

My dream concert would be a House Show at my home here in Nashville. Surrounded by all my friends and people I love. But the cool part would be having all my musical inspirations in attendance. John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Ben Rector, Allen Stone etc.

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