Fr. Tansi (debut album)


Garden is the first album released by Fr. Tansi as a part of the Renewal in Motion (RIM) initiative of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. The songs in the album draw a delicate thread through the human experience, reminding us where we came from, and, most importantly, where we’re going. The title track Garden refers to the Garden of Eden and is simply a reminder of that time of original innocence; that blessed time when we knew who we were, we knew who God was, and walked in freedom without shame . Fr. Tansi not only acknowledges what we lost in the grand Fall of man, but dares us to hope and be faithful pilgrims on our journey to the New Eden, the eternal joy for which we were made.

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Track Listing:

1. This is my Faith
2. Heave Ho
3. Hollow
4. Creation
5. Garden
6. Eden
7. Rising
8. Song of the Beloved
9. Let Go
10. When you come
11. Starlight
12. Rest