Michelle Mandico | Half Captive EP

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Colorado-native Michelle Mandico blends Indie music with a Folk influence in her latest EP, Half Captive. Her style is gentle and strong, and her lyrics bold and potent, touching on fundamental “why” questions that plague every human heart. Half Captive is one, lovely step further to finding out the answer. Another beloved Love Good artist, Alanna Boudreau, says of Mandico, “Her personal philosophy of contemplating, relating, and taking intentional steps toward interior freedom come through with gentle honesty in her lyrics and musical compositions.” Through her songs, Mandico stretches out a bold, encouraging, firm hand of hope to the soul downcast, inviting us out of our comfortable darkness and into the saving light.

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Track Listing:

1. Long Way to Go
2. Give It Up
3. I’m Already With You
4. Iron Knees
5. Century Treasures (feat. Scott Mulvahill)
6. The Things You Move