Jenny and Tyler | Of This I’m Sure

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In Of This I’m Sure, Jenny & Tyler’s unexpectedly mature sound melds a diverse set of influences into something new that is at the same time both yearning and comforting. Throughout the project’s twelve songs, their easy voices blend in harmonies that suggest a deep hope and a deep ache intertwined. Artful without being pretentious, Of This I’m Sure seems to have its deepest roots in the influences of lyrically emotive, UK folk-pop stylings. Even as Jenny & Tyler’s vocal pairings take center stage, the song production remains vast and lush, and at times, soaring. When sitting down to take in this album, be prepared for an encounter with soul-rattling hope, and don’t be afraid to reach for it.

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Track List:

1. Of This I’m Sure
2. Song For You
3. Beloved One
4. When I Meet You
5. Walk With You
6. My Dear One
7. You Are A Song
8. Fly Away
9. Once Again
10. In Everything You Do
11. To The Sea