NEEDTOBREATHE | Live From The Woods

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Live from the Woods at Fontanel  is the first live album from NEEDTOBREATHE, a band stemming from two brothers, Bo and Bear Rinehart. Whatever great things they have done in the past in the studio, they can and have done better live. Live From the Woods captures that perfectly… every single song on the album is improved from its original. The album captures a strong live band delivering a clean, energetic performance (including revealing stage banter) that is certain to please fans and an absolute must for anyone interested in a souvenir of the tour. A group of Love Good team members and patrons were present at this memorable concert, so it is dear to our hearts as it continues to blow the minds and open the souls of all who listen. NEEDTOBREATHE has been pouring out pure, heart-wrenching genius for years, and their music only gets more honest, vibrant, and true the more you listen. Like a splash of cold water on the face, the entire performance of NEEDTOBREATHE (both in content and delivery) is like a jolt to the heart, calling us to wake up from our slumbers, step beyond our wounds, and reach for something more. Enjoy this little glimpse into the powerful fecundity of brotherhood and the piercing power of beauty.


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Disc 1

1. “State I’m In”
2. “Wanted Man”
3. “Drive All Night”
4. “Difference Maker”
5. “Multiplied”
6. “Oh, Carolina”
7. “Wasteland”

Disc 2

1. “Keep Your Eyes Open”
2. “Washed By the Water”
3. “Something Beautiful”
4. “Girl Named Tennessee”
5. “Brother”
6. “The Heart”
7. “The Outsiders”
8. “More Heart, Less Attack”
9. “Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now”
10. “Devil’s Been Talkin'”

All songs written and composed by Bear Rinehart, Bo Rinehart.