Michelle Mandico | Ptarmigan Vinyl

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Colorado-native Michelle Mandico pairs perfectly the earthiness of the human experience with the mystery of our eternal destination. This particular release is inspired by the history of Memphis, TN, as the songs of Ptarmigan lead with vocal intimacy and devoted lyrical imagery. Mandico is a poet for the homesick; her songs call out the common ache that exists in every human heart to belong to a home beyond the ephemeral, something that lasts forever. Her melodies are fresh and inventive while still harkening back to the nostalgic echoes of artists like Joni Mitchell, and beyond. Her contemplative heart shines through her sound, as she somehow creates music that is incredibly bold, and yet entirely gentle. Listen attentively as Mandico gracefully weaves the seemingly incompatible worlds of beauty and pain together in one utterly human and gloriously hopeful work of art.


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One reviewer desired Michelle Mandico’s latest album, Ptarmigan, as being “a graceful flight through darkness and light.” Indeed, this album of original music from Colorado native Mandico unfurls with delicate power, mixing hues of both Western and Southern folk influence, and evokes natural imagery each step of the way.