The Mosleys


A familiar feeling of nagging hope is conjured in the listener when sitting down to take in Ordinary Time, the first full-length album put out by married couple Rachel and Stephen Mosley. Their beginnings were small, as all great and worthy things start out, and their earthy sound has since been shared on vacant front porches to lit up amphitheater stages. Married for fifteen years with five red-headed children as daring and full of life as they, the Mosleys pair a profound depth with a light-heartedness that is hard to come by in this day and age. Themes of longing, hope, and the brave accepting of the inevitable are woven into their music with gentleness and good cheer. We are proud to present to you this hearty album and wish you well as you uncover, both in the songs and in your life, the hidden majesty that is woven into “ordinary times.”

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Track Listing:

  1. High Places
  2. Eiderdown
  3. Leavings (The Wendell Song)
  4. Thicker Than Water
  5. Settle
  6. Brighter Days
  7. Five Long Years
  8. Extra Mile
  9. It’ll All Work Out
  10. Can’t Take It With Us
  11. Running Out Of Road