Drew Holcomb | Souvenir

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Listening to Holcomb’s Souvenir is like looking in a mirror. In it, one can find themselves staring back at them, wanting for the same courage and reaching for the same dreams that Souvenir encapsulates in a string of grungy, honest, hope-enducing heart-songs. The tracks list includes high-paced tunes like “Fight for Love” that will get you out of your chair and  your despair, as well as ballads like “The Morning Song” that remind us what it means to “love your neighbor” and “lay down your life for a friend” all while living with an unbridled, relentless, sacrificial, “infinitized” love. Whether singing on the up-beat or the down-low, Holcomb and his neighbors hit the bullseye where so many others miss the mark. Souvenir  takes us to the realest places of the human heart, but also throws down a rope and welcomes us back into the guiding light hope that lies hidden in this “wild world.”

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Track Listing:

1. The Morning Song
2. California
3. Fight For Love
4. Rowdy Heart, Broken Wing
5. New Year
6. Sometimes
7. Mama’s Sunshine, Daddy’s Rain
8. Black and Blue
9. Postcard Memories
10. Yellow Rose of Santa Fe
11. Wild World