Kevin McGoldrick | Square Peg


“The debut album from McGoldrick is a breath of fresh air. With clear inspirations in blues, Gospel, and the 90s rock era, every song on this project keeps you guessing at what will come next. My favorite track ‘Coffee’ is an ode to the very thing that keeps most of the Western world running every day. ‘Nashville’, the closing track coming in at a close second, is about every human heart’s desire for home and a sense of belonging. From the deeply contemplative to the light and playful, this album covers it all.”

-Jimmy Mitchell, Founder of Love Good

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Track listing:

1. Coffee
2. Square Peg
3. Take Me Back
4. Jesus You Are Beautiful
5. Oh God You Are My God
6. In Your Eyes
7. One Dark Night
8. Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue
9. Beautiful And Lovely
10. Nashville

In this podcast, Jimmy Mitchell interviews Kevin McGoldrick about his debut album “Square Peg/Round Hole”. Fr. Kevin talks John Mayer, priesthood, and his love for the city of Nashville.

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