Nick Fabian | Stuck in My Head EP

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In this day and age, it is a rare sight and sound to encounter a young person with as much soul as is displayed by pop-soul songwriter Nick Fabian.  This wildly talented young vocalist, songwriter, and pianist from Dallas, Texas blends with grace and cleverness the fabrics of modern pop and classic blue-eyed soul, aiming to bring the vintage and new together in a way very few know how. So seldom do we hear music that is both catchy and contemplative, and Fabian has succeeded with flying colors. It is a powerful thing when music is accessible and inviting without losing any of it’s depth, as it draws the listener through the art and into an encounter with the Divine Artist. Fabian’s soulful life-tunes do just that, as he says himself, “my ultimate goal is to make people look up and admire the transcendent beauty that can be experienced through music.”


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Track Listing:

1. Stuck in My Head
2. Just Like That
3. Say Hi
4. Being With You
5. Exits
6. How Do You Do That