Kevin Heider | The Spark (double disc)

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On his last record, Kevin sang numerous songs that alluded to adventures he had in various European locales over the last several years. Since that 2010 release, he has taken to the road full-time with his music, giving his songs a much broader [albeit a much more particular] sense of place.

From the lonely hotels of St. Louis to the rooftops of Baltimore, to Montreal, New York City, Barcelona, London, Boston, Connecticut, Ohio, Maryland, and on to “some dirty old Spanish town,” Kevin’s upcoming album is sure to capture you in it’s infectious melodies and lyrical homages to places bearing significance to this artist’s journey through a life spent in pursuit of music, beauty, truth, joy, faith, hope, love and the great flood of grace that holds us all together in this world of violence, greed, death, doubt, destruction, and “self.”


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Disc 1:
1. St. Brigid’s Fire
2. All I Want (Love Come Alive)
3. Enola’s Wake
4. I Don’t Want Your Love
5. The Puppeteer
6. Can’t Have My Money
7. These Fallen Castle Walls
8. The New World
9. The Dark Side
10. The Spark
11. The Great Flood

Disc 2:
1. Lonely in St. Louis
2. Baltimore
3. Maureen (Has Anybody Seen Her?)
4. How I Feel Sometimes (The Roadside/Travelin’ Blues)
5. Barcelona
6. Girl from Federick
7. All Manner of Things
8. Living the Dream
9. A Thousand Apologies
10. The Waiting
11. 27