Jimmy Mitchell | Through It All (CD)


After recording three highly acclaimed albums as the pianist for Marian Grace and producing many more as the founder and president of Mysterium Records, Jimmy Mitchell has finally released his long-awaited solo debut. A double-disc project with eight beautiful instrumental tracks (piano accompanied by string quartet) and two talks from recent conferences with college students, Through It All is a walk through the realities of life, death, and redemption in every human heart.

The instrumental tracks begin at Creation and end with Pentecost, with songs dedicated to the Fall, the Nativity, the Crucifixion, and everything in between. The talks tell part of Mitchell’s personal testimony and tie in everything from Theology of the Body to the role of beauty in the new evangelization. The complete project from start to finish tells a unique and compelling story for all ages, while leaving plenty of room for each listener to contemplate and ponder the deepest corners of his or her own heart.

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Disc 1:
1. Origins
2. The Battle
3. Wounded
4. Awaiting
5. The Coming
6. Death By Death
7. Hope Against Hope
8. Fount of Love

Disc 2:
1. Beauty Has Saved The World (Live from GLORY2012)
2. Sacred Distinctions (Live from GLORY2013)