Band : Adele
Title : 25

Excerpt from our full album review by Alanna-Marie Boudreau:

Back in October of 2015, millions of unsuspecting folk in the United Kingdom were patiently waiting for commercials to wrap up in between segments of the British X Factor. All of a sudden, their screens blinked to black, and a voice – accompanied by no names, dates, or faces – began crooning mournfully into their living rooms: “Hello: it’s me…”

Naturally, the internet proceeded to explode, and everyone and their mother was tweeting about the mysterious, anonymous voice that simply had to belong to one of history’s major artists. Her last album, 21, became the best-selling album in the UK of the millennium: would her come-back be able to match her it? A quick glance at the charts confirms that yes – it would, and then some…