Of This I’m Sure [ALBUM]

Band : Jenny & Tyler
Title : Jenny & Tyler

In Of This I’m Sure, Jenny & Tyler’s unexpectedly mature sound melds a diverse set of influences into something new that is at the same time both yearning and comforting. Throughout the project’s twelve songs, their easy voices blend in harmonies that suggest a deep hope and a deep ache intertwined. Artful without being pretentious, Of This I’m Sure seems to have its deepest roots in the influences of lyrically emotive, UK folk-pop stylings. Even as Jenny & Tyler’s vocal pairings take center stage, the song production remains vast and lush, and at times, soaring.

1. Of This I’m Sure
2. Song For You
3. Beloved One
4. When I Meet You
5. Walk With You
6. My Dear One
7. You Are A Song
8. Fly Away
9. Once Again
10. In Everything You Do
11. To The Sea