Ten Boom [REVIEW]

Band : Penny & Sparrow
Title : Ten Boom

Excerpt from our full album review by Alanna-Marie Boudreau:


Texans always seem to have alot to boast about: and seldom do you find one who isn’t enthused to let you know that your life sucks if you’re not from there. Plains, mountains, Chuck Norris, Bluebell icecream, Mexican border towns, Dublin Dr. Pepper and Dallas freeways all find a home in the Lone Star State and in the hearts of its citizens.

Frankly, I never believed much in Texas, even after visiting it. I only got as far as the Woodlands, and that place is as ostentatious as it is bereft of culture – unless you count Lexus as a culture (“Where are the poor?” I asked my friend as we drove past mansion after mansion.  “How do these people stay in touch with reality?”) My upbringing in New York had me muttering things out of the East-coast corner of my mouth, even as I knew I hadn’t gotten the full picture of the state. Needless to say, it was a bad first impression, and from then on I listened with an even wearier ear to those who sang Texas’ praises…