After an unexpectedly brief stint in New York City, Indiana native Jessamyn Anderson is now living in Nashville, where she works part-time with Love Good behind the scenes alongside her musical theatre and classical music pursuits. She also runs her own jewelry and personal styling business with Premier Designs. Her heart belongs to Jesus, the stage, women’s ministry, BBC Masterpiece dramas, and anything topped with parmesan cheese. When not providing a living soundtrack to the lives of those around her, you can find her at Jazzercise, writing about faith and fashion on her blog, or reading anything and everything about being an authentic Catholic woman. Jessamyn hopes to travel the world, singing and speaking to others about the beauty of the Church. She is still learning to rest in uncertainty and place her value in her identity as a beloved daughter of God.


“My encounter with Love Good has been a series of providential dominoes. While in New York City (and realizing I was in love with the idea of the city rather than the actual city), I turned down an opera company summer contract and called my hometown youth minister to inquire about ministry opportunities over the summer. She raved about Jimmy, who had recently emceed a major retreat in my hometown, and something in me told me to reach out to him. When I sent him an email, I expected a, ‘Sure, let me know when you’re in town and we can grab coffee.’ Instead, I got, ‘Can we talk on the phone this week? And can you get to Nashville before September?’ I initially had just a road trip to Nashville planned for September, but doors kept opening up there unlike New York, where nothing was coming to fruition. Jimmy and I had lunch in May, and it was the craziest lunch of my life. We realized that I had a set of skills he needed for more administrative tasks for Love Good, and I was already living out the vision of the company as a Catholic artist in pursuit of holiness through my art form. Long story very short, I left Nashville with a job offer and started my job remotely the next week. I’ve loved every minute of this adventure and can’t wait to see what’s next for Love Good.”



The oldest of five children, David Lee has always enjoyed the role of a mentor. After spending the last two years completing a Masters in Education while teaching and coaching at a Catholic high school in Atlanta, David returned home to Nashville last Fall to work part-time alongside his longtime friend and the founder of Love Good, Jimmy Mitchell. He has spent the past year overseeing the products and partnerships of Love Good while also helping young people encounter Christ by leading retreats and coordinating various youth programs throughout Nashville.

Having been born and raised in Birmingham before moving to Nashville, David is a lover of everything Southern–Braves baseball, country music, and sweet tea to name a few. When not accompanying young people in their lives of faith, David enjoys playing Spikeball, reading a Catholic book, and cheering on the Fighting Irish!


“I first heard about Love Good back in college, after I had already been friends with Jimmy Mitchell for several years. Knowing Jimmy as a lover of all things true, good, and beautiful, the Love Good movement made a lot of sense from its beginnings. As I have matured in my own faith, I have seen how the vision of Love Good aligns with living a life of truth and beauty. Throughout my own life I have seen the fruits of profound experiences of discipleship, evangelization, and accompaniment. Each is a beautiful component of our lives of faith as we journey back to the heart of the Father. Working with Love Good for the past year has deepened my understanding of the role that the beauty of the arts and the beauty of holiness have in our lives of faith.”



Janaya Trudel was born and raised on the serene soil of the Canadian prairies in a rural paradise called Honeymoon, Saskatchewan. Having grown up touring with her beloved family-band of six, as well as being the second-half to the sister-duo band “Jay & Jo” (debut album coming fall of 2017),  her ardent love for music and sensitivity to beauty started young and sunk deep. After devoting four years to her own faith formation while working as an accompanier for young adults striving to do the same, Janaya lives her “vocation of self-gift” while she pursues her education, pours herself into her craft, and continues to play a humble but significant part in the re-construction of a culture of joy and hope as a volunteer with Love Good.


“I heard about (and quickly fell in love with) the movement of Love Good a few years ago while I was studying/working in the context of a faith formation program for young adults at St. Therese  Institute of Faith and Mission in Bruno, Saskatchewan. At first, my soul was caught by the music and artists that Love Good supported and promoted, which I discovered through a few friends who were already patrons. I instantly recognized the ‘gift’ that Love Good was offering was unlike the mere ‘product’ that the world was offering (especially in the music industry). My heart was instantly drawn to the familiar truths that Love Good was presenting, which always seemed to be enshrouded in a deeply accessible beauty. Later on, Jimmy Mitchell would visit Saskatchewan to speak at a couple conferences that I was involved with, where we met in person and began to dream about possible future involvement with the Love Good mission and family. At the end of my fourth blessed year in beloved Bruno, I knew the Lord was sending a different wind into my sails and calling onward. Not long after I decided to step away from my work in formation at St. Therese, I received an invitation from Love Good to come and serve with them as the Apprenticeship Formation Director in Nashville. I said yes! This is an incredible grace, as my heart sings for the mission of accompaniment, relationship, discipleship, the evangelization of culture, and, of course, everything ‘love’ and everything ‘good.’ The rest is history, and I am so thrilled to be a part of the Love Good family and the beauty it bears into this world.”