Beautiful music, books, and art have always been some of the greatest expressions of culture throughout human history. When rooted in truth, they cultivate virtue and transform you to love what is good. Think of the first time you saw your favorite band live or read a book that changed your life. Good media builds good culture, and sadly your options today are often limited: 1) consume shallow entertainment that leaves you feeling empty or 2) settle for cliché alternatives that leave you wanting more.


Like you, we hate wasting time searching for good media. We also hate worrying about young people who are idly drifting and passively consuming whatever comes their way. We dream of a new mainstream where media is held to a higher standard – where beauty, truth, and goodness are the new normal. Imagine never again settling for less. Imagine investing in a generation of artists who give you hope for the future. Imagine standing on the front lines of a cultural revolution. That is the very reason we launched in the summer of 2013 with house concerts across America: to inspire you, the everyday consumer, to build a better culture. We have since grown into a global movement of artists, patrons, and young people all over the world.


From our curated playlists to our seasonal packages, Love Good promotes media that transforms you from a passive consumer into a cultural influencer. One of our founding patrons recently told her friends at a house concert: I’m not rich or royal, but by investing in Love Good, I’m a patron of the arts and a pioneer of better cultureYou, too, can raise your standard for media and inspire young people to turn that standard into a way of life.  Whether you’re simply listening to our weekly podcast or on the front lines of Love Good as a patron or apprentice, you are a part of this movement. It is an honor to accompany you as you change the world.